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Version 5.1 Beta is now OPEN!
28 Oct 2017, 11:44
Assalamualaikum and hi everyone!

Server is now open to public! Everyone is now able to login to our server using 5.1 client. To connect, use our launcher from our website. Have fun guys!

Some of the feature hightlights!
1. Governor vendor (Npcs that sells all governor sets) will spawn every Saturday around 7.00.A.M until the server daily maintenance.
2. Glory Point will be reduce weekly on Sunday around 12.00.P.M. This Glory Points reduction is to ensure every player has their chance to become Governor and buy their own Governor set.
3. All governor set has been removed from Marketplace until further notice.
4. Working Creation Points
5. Working first and second Archdaeva Transformation.
6. Removed all skills without stigma (You have to equip your own stigma). Can be farm on Illuma(Elyos)/(Norsvold) mobs.
7. And many more!

1. We are currently still updating and optimising most of the feature and content. We MIGHT or MIGHT NOT revert back some of the players content during/after this phase. Decision will be made on how the issue will impact the server stability and balance. Report back to us if you have any issue.
2. Some of your character will get auto disconnected when you use it for the first time. This is happen to update your character inventory and such. Just log back in and everything should be fine. If still get disconnected on said character for second time or more, please pm us with your ign.

Thank you for all of your support!