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16 Oct 2017, 04:15
Assalamualaikum and Hi dear players,

We are currently working on Data Migration, moving all 4.9 data to 5.1 server databases. The server for ZexyAION game servers will be unavailable during this process. We will update an announcement once it is 100% complete.

Thank you for your patience.

Update 1:
Data migration 80% complete. Game services are online, however its accessible only for ZexyAION GM's. We're doing some check before release it to the public.

Update 2: As 20th October 2017
Data migration 98% completed.
Features migration 50% completed.

Update 3: 
As 20th October 2017
Data Migration 100% completed.
Features from 4.9 Migration 95% completed.
5.1 Features Integrity 
60% completed.
Only ZexyAION GM's and a few selected players are able to access ZexyAION game server. Their IGN will appear with tags [GM] in GMs Online tab for temporary. Players selected are not our staff , however we need their very help to make all things running smooth.

Update 4: As 26th October 2017
Data Migration 100% completed.
Features from 4.9 Migration 97% completed.
5.1 Features Integrity 
80% completed.

Update 5: As 28th October 2017.

Get your 5.1 game client.

Best regards,

- ZexyAION Team